At ESCANO we are committed to providing diagnostic aid services with quality, reliability, timeliness, and humane sense, in order to contribute to people's health and meet the needs of their stakeholders. To do this, we develop planned processes, comply with the applicable requirements and continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

At ESCANO we are committed to providing a humane, courteous and warm treatment to the user, his family and the internal client in all its processes, respecting their rights, autonomy, privacy and dignity, promoting assertive communication and thus guaranteeing quality in the provision of services. service.

At Escano we design safe care processes and promote a culture to minimize risks in service provision, through the implementation of practical processes and methodologies that improve safety barriers, patient education and information, and event reporting. adverse.

At ESCANO we promote the preservation of natural resources and the control of polluting factors, through the promotion of a social and institutional environmental culture, comprehensive waste management and minimization of the impact of technology on the environment.

At Escano we ensure the physical, mental and social well-being of our collaborators by identifying, assessing and controlling occupational risks, as well as promoting safe processes and activities throughout the organization.

The possession, use, distribution or sale of controlled drugs, not prescribed, illegal, hallucinogenic, enervating or dependency-producing substances, are expressly prohibited within the Institution's facilities, as is reporting to work under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other dependencies.

Self-medication of those substances with effects on the central nervous system, which may affect safe performance at work, is not allowed, unless it is part of a medical treatment, in which case the worker must promptly notify his immediate boss and Security and Occupational Health, without the need to report their diagnosis.

At ESCANO we express our commitment to the processes of training practices in health, in the field of radiology and diagnostic aids, through the formalization of teaching-service agreements.

We ensure the monitoring and compliance with the agreements established with the different training institutions, through the procedures defined by the company and the teaching-service committees.

Teachers and students have the responsibility to comply with the established rules and procedures, in order to carry out an adequate rotation, timely notifying all those conditions that may generate consequences and contingencies for the effectiveness of the teaching-service agreement.

At ESCANO we generate value for our stakeholders through social, economic and environmental initiatives that contribute to sustainable development and the construction of responsible visions with the environment.

At ESCANO we comply with regulatory requirements by establishing mechanisms through which the right to disconnect from work is guaranteed and exercised, considering the appropriate use of information and communications technologies.

At ESCANO we recognize that an inclusive environment is key to observing and developing the potential of our collaborators and generating greater spaces for innovation, by having different points of view and a wide spectrum of ideas.