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Which is a Bone Densitometry? is a non-invasive and painless test that allows  the measurement of bone mineral density  (calcium content)  by means of X-rays to assess bone health  and diagnose a possible osteoporosis condition  without the need for symptoms to exist. When osteoporosis is advanced, bone fractures, back pain or the appearance of a hunchback (deformation of the spine) can occur.

The test measures the density of the spine, hip, forearm, or a specific bone.

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The imaging technologist or nurse will help you lie down on the equipment table, usually on your back or side. To assess the spine, the patient's legs are supported on a padded box to flatten the pelvis and lower back. To assess the hip, the patient's foot is placed in a clamp that rotates the hip inward.


The detector slowly passes over the area to be diagnosed, generating images on a monitor and delivering a figure for the amount of bone mineral per surface area. The result is compared to an average value based on age, sex and size.

The exam takes approximately twenty (20) minutes. The results are printed preserving the entire study, and additionally the interpretation of the Radiologist is delivered.

  • Central bone densitometry.
  • Central bone densitometry with morphometry.

Densitómetro Lunar Prodigy Advance – General Electric

  • Precise information with low X-ray dose.
  • Automated reporting.
  • Computer assisted densitometry to avoid misinterpretation.
  • Less effort for the patient.
  • Latest technological innovations that allow the interconnection of the same to a computer network of images.


All our equipment is subjected to a preventive maintenance process to guarantee proper and safe operation in the care of our patients.