Consulta médica general | ESCANO

The  General Medical Consultation service  is aimed at people who need to know the diagnosis of the symptoms they suffer from.

When the patient accesses the service, he is attended by a General Physician who evaluates him in a  comprehensive and personalized manner , and at the same time performs the required physical examination. We have qualified professionals and the support of   40 years of experience  in the health area.

Users treated in the General Medical Consultation and who require subsequent medical examinations, may attend their review appointment free of charge within 15 days of the initial consultation.

We provide this service in the municipality of  Sabaneta , at Carrera 48 No. 50 Sur 128 (Mayorca Mega Plaza Shopping Center).

Take advantage of our discounts and benefits in General Medical Consultation!

Request your private appointment on WhatsApp 316 403 76 61 (chat only).

  • Special rates.
  • Opportunity in assigning appointments.