Sede Prado | ESCANO

It is very important that our users know their rights and duties, in order to guarantee adequate care and provide excellent service.


  • To be attended with kindness, safety, punctuality and consideration.
  • To receive prior instructions and sufficient information about the services.
  • To as much physical privacy as possible during your care.
  • To be received in adequate, comfortable, pleasant spaces that do not cause risks.
  • To be informed about the financial costs and risks of your care.
  • To have the information related to your medical history kept confidential and that it can only be known with your authorization.
  • To have the will to participate in research carried out by scientifically qualified personnel respected, as long as their informed consent is requested.
  • To have space and place to express their complaints and claims, and to receive a response from them.
  • To be provided with the adequate means to avoid damage to their physical integrity and the loss or deterioration of their belongings.
  • To fill out an informed consent for procedures that involve risk.
  • To be referred to professionals or entities that can assist you in the event of a medical emergency.
  • To choose the health professional of your choice, as long as it is within the options of the Institution.
  • To receive dignified treatment, regardless of gender, age, religion, ethnic group, sexual preferences or medical condition. 


  • Treat the people who care for you, other patients, family members and companions with respect and dignity.
  • To seek comprehensive care for your health and that of your entire family.
  • Provide the required documentation during the provision of services.
  • Punctually attend appointments or cancel them in advance in case of an inconvenience.
  • Pay for the services received, the copayments and/or moderator fees established for your health plan.
  • Inform in a timely, clear, truthful and complete manner your state of health and the causative events, the administrative circumstances related to social security and all those necessary so that the Institution can provide you with efficient care.
  • Respect the medical act, complying with the rules, regulations and instructions of professionals.
  • Take care of physical facilities and rational use of services and resources. 
  • Respect the privacy of other patients.
  •  Sign the required documents, such as acceptance or denial of any procedure.
  • Use the means of claim and suggestions respectfully.
  • Facilitate compliance with legal and ethical standards.
  • Respect the order or priority of care of other people, according to the assigned appointment or seriousness of their state of health.
  • Request compliance with your rights in fair balance with the rights of others.