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Suerotherapy is a minor procedure that does not generate disability, does not require anesthesia. It consists of the intravenous application of bioregulatory drugs that, thanks to their components, effectively, safely and quickly restore the balance and functioning of the body’s systems and organs, in addition, they help regulate the body’s self-defense processes against different diseases. .

The therapy is chosen according to the needs of each patient, for which reason a prior medical assessment appointment is assigned, where each particular case will be assessed. 

We provide the Suerotherapy service in the municipality of Sabaneta, at Carrera 48 No. 50 Sur 128 (Mayorca Mega Plaza Shopping Center).

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  • They optimize health from prevention to treatment of a specific disease.
  • It is rapidly effective and allows individualized treatment.
  • Effectiveness in the action of medicines (which have INVIMA registration).
  • Greater patient satisfaction and adherence to receiving immediate treatment.

Its use is contraindicated for the following conditions: 

  • Patients with decompensated chronic diseases
  • It is not performed in hospitalized patients
  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • Age from 14 years onwards
  • Active cancer, that is, in current treatment
  • FREE YOURSELF: Detox. It allows to drain the body of toxins accumulated in daily life.
  • FOREVER YOUNG: Anti-aging. Increases collagen synthesis, reduces free radicals and prevents cell damage that accelerates aging.
  • STRONGER: Sports performance. It provides vitamins and trace elements for the proper functioning of the body and improves performance in amateur or professional athletes.
  • PROTECT YOURSELF: Immunological. It helps the defense system prepare for the attack of viruses and bacteria to which we are exposed.
  • +VITAL: Revitalization. Increases physical and mental energy, strengthens the hormonal system and increases libido. Improves the cellular response to hormonal stimuli, acts as a regulator in the appearance of symptoms typical of adulthood.
  • BALANCE: Anti-stress. Regulates emotions, lowers anxiety levels and improves mood.
  • RELAX: Insomnia. Helps in acute processes of insomnia, tiredness, weakness, increases physical performance and generates vitality.
  • ACTIVATE: Energizing. Increases physical energy, strengthens the hormonal system, acts as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory.
  • MIGRAINE: Chronic pain. Indicated in patients with persistent headaches, fights fatigue and improves the hormonal system.
  • SURGERY: Pre and post surgical. Physiological regulator of inflammation before and after surgical interventions, it helps to minimize pain after surgery and to generate a quick recovery.
  • VITA C: Antioxidant. Helps the immune, cardiovascular and skeletal muscle system.

  • REHYDRATING: Recovers the essentials. Recovers the body's hydration in a faster time, reconstitutes the loss of vitamins from the B complex, provides a mega dose of vitamin C and quickly improves the symptoms caused by hangovers and malaise.