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Digital  Mammography  is an  X-ray examination of the mammary gland . It is the most effective method  to detect a possible breast cancer , even in a very early phase of the disease, allowing a better prognosis of cure.

It is suggested that  women over 40 years of age  have Mammography  every one or two years as a preventive measure , following the recommendation of the treating physician.

Digital  Mammography  is a non-invasive procedure that helps to notice subtle differences in tissues with low doses of X-rays, which facilitates the diagnosis of breast diseases even without symptoms.

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The Diagnostic Imaging Technologist positions the patient's breast on a rectangular support. On top of the unit is a device that supports and compresses the breast in a controlled manner to enable imaging from different angles.

Breast compression is necessary to flatten and spread the breast tissue, as well as allow for a lower X-ray dose. The technologist will reposition the patient during the procedure to perform routine views: up, down, and medial-lateral oblique . The process should be repeated for the other breast. The patient should remain still and hold her breath for a few seconds when prompted to reduce the possibility of blurred images.

The exam takes approximately twenty (20) minutes. The images are delivered recorded on a CD.

  • Bilateral mammography.
  • Bilateral mammography with 3D tomosynthesis.

Mammomat Inspiration Prime Edition – Siemens

  • Direct digital equipment, acquires images and processes them with greater speed.
  • Compress according to the physical characteristics of the patient.
  • Reduces radiation by more than 30 percent.
  • Reconstructs images in three dimensions.
  • 50 degree diagnostic angle that increases the depth of 3D images.


Mammomat 3000 Nova – Siemens

  • Image clarity.
  • Excellent penetration.
  • Results with low doses.
  • Stability, reproducibility and automatic optimization.
  • Built-in upgradeability.
  • intuitive design.
  • Technological innovations that allow interconnection to an image computer network.


All our equipment is subjected to a preventive maintenance process to guarantee proper and safe operation in the care of our patients.