• Women: Inform in case of pregnancy or suspicion of being.
  • Inform the current state of health. The procedure cannot be performed with fever and/or vomiting.
  • This test should always be performed under sedation. The patient must report a history of allergic reactions to sedation.
  • The patient must be accompanied by an adult on the day of the exam.
  • The patient must inform if he is oxygen dependent.
  • If the patient is uncontrolled hypertensive or uncontrolled diabetic, they must send a medical history so that the doctor can assess whether or not they can be sedated.
  • If the patient suffers from sleep apnea, cardiovascular diseases such as: pulmonary, cerebral or cardiac infarction or consciousness deficit, they should be performed under the supervision of an anesthesiologist.
  • Attend with comfortable clothes, do not wear girdles.
  • Women attend with their hair up.
  • In this study, a biopsy is always tacken.
  • Be one (1) hour before the procedure for administrative procedures.
  1. Exam day: 
  • Assist with a six (6) hour fast. Patients over 60 years of age must fast for eight (8) hours due to slow intestinal transit.
  • If the appointment is in the afternoon, the patient can eat an aromatic with cookies before fasting completely.
  • Do not eat gum or smoke.
  • In the case of patients suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure or thyroid problems, they should take their respective medications with a sip of water.
  • If you take any other control medication, please report it at the time of assignment to find out the case with the nursing area.
  • Identification document.
  • Current order (does not apply to individuals).
  • Medical order and complete Clinical History with data justifying the study (EPS)
  • Medical order if you have it, if you do not have it, record why you want to carry out the study (Individuals)
  • Previous examinations related to the procedure.

* Diabetic patients who apply insulin:

Diabetic patients who apply insulin must bring their medication to be applied later to the exam. Clarify that it cannot be applied before the exam.

*Diabetic patients who do not apply insulin:

In the case of patients suffering from diabetes, they should take their respective medications with a sip of water.

* Age of the patient (14 to 69 years) under sedation – 70 years and older anesthesiologist supervision.

*Patient must be over 14 years old

* Anticoagulated patients must go to an assessment with their treating physician to indicate if they authorize the suspension of anticoagulants at least one week before the procedure.

* Endoscopy can be done in patients with tracheostomy as long as they have oral food intake.

* Follow the recommendations for each of the laxatives to ensure optimal preparation.

* If you are hypertensive, please take the medication with little water.

* Come accompanied by a person of legal age and who is able to make decisions for the patient.

* On the day of the exam, the patient cannot drive a vehicle and cannot attend as a motorcycle grill.

If for any reason it is not possible for you to attend your appointment or require additional information before or after it, please call: (604) 444 5690 option 5.